Welcome to busy bunch

At busy bunch, we believe in learning through crafting, a fun way for children. we encourage children to explore different ideas and crafting methods, and express themselves through practical arts and crafts.

we hold children’s crafting classes in south west London area, including special holiday classes. for those unable to attend, we have many project ideas to do at home, and for those who don’t know where to start, we even sell ready made kits which include all you will need for a small craft project to do at home.

In addition, we can host children’s parties with a crafting theme, with a wide choice of activities to choose from. we can even provide you with ready filled party bags, individually designed to suit your particular needs!




See, what you can do with Toilet Paper Rolls… yes, its fun !!!!

toilet-paper-roll-binoculars-car-castle-lantern (1)